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A Ship’s Crew Rescued A Little Bird That Had Become Stranded At Sea

Strong gusts swept a tiny bird into the water off the coast of Maine, United States. Until he was saved by a ship’s crew, the poor little bird appeared to be facing a tough and tragic end. When Jacob Knowles and his crew noticed the small bird battling in the water, they quickly sought to assist him.

The tiny bird was treated for its recovery on the way back to the seaside. The team provided him with food and a warm spot to dry his small wings, even sitting calmly on Jacob’s head; according to The Dodo, it was a first-class flight.

Credit: JKNOWLES831

The rescued bird resumed its flight and flew away as the boat approached the beach. After the daring rescue, the crew was happy, and that was the finest compliment they could receive.

In this video you can see how things developed:

Jacob seemed to enjoy the bird’s company while it was in the boat, and returned to shore to ensure that everything was in order so that the small bird could resume its trip safely.