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Three-Legged Dog Mourns Each Of His Friends As They Pass Away At The Shrine

Golden retriever named Tricycle has spent several years in the care of Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary in Mineral Bluff, Georgia. Tricycle is missing one of his legs. He has been observed at this location lamenting the loss of his pals just as any other person would.

When they buried a dog named Major who had shown up at the location with health issues after being abused, Lester Aradi, a former police chief who now owns the sanctuary, said he and his wife learned Tricycle had been grieving the deaths of other animals four years before.

Additionally, the pair said to People that the day following the burial, they noticed Tricycle on Major’s grave, which moved them to share the moment.

Facebook: Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary

On the previous occasion, the dog was spotted lamenting the loss of Trixie, a 21-year-old alpaca.

The pair could see that Tricycle had been lamenting her friend’s passing for three days straight thanks to the emotional event being shared on Facebook.

Facebook: Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary

Lester declared:

He often spends the day in the grave before entering the house at night.

Facebook: Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary

Tricycle shares his sanctuary home with horses, llamas, alpacas, and other canines with special needs. This site also serves as a foster home for other rescue organizations.

Lester is in charge of giving each deceased animal a respectful send-off by burying them on the farm.

Stone circles are frequently used to commemorate the burials of small animals, such as dogs and cats.

Facebook: Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary

The children who visit the refuge have the option to choose fruits, but the huge animals who pass away are buried and subsequently fruit trees are planted on the location in an effort to “continue the circle of life.”

Tricycle sobs for his companions and exhibits the same degree of affection for each of them as a human does, demonstrating that despite what many people think, animals are capable of expressing emotions.

Facebook: Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary