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The Birth Of Endangered Leopard Kittens Is Enjoyed At Taipei Zoo

On March 3rd, a leopard cat gave birth to three kittens in the Taipei Zoo. Taiwan is home to the zoo. A leopard cat has given birth in captivity after 20 years, which is an uncommon sight.

The birth was posted on the Zoo’s Facebook page. Ping Ping, the mother, gives birth to kittens. The triplets are now 42 days old and are all healthy.

Ping Ping is extremely protective of her kitten and never leaves their side. The zookeepers were inconvenienced as a result of this. The zookeeper took advantage of the situation as soon as she stepped out, according to the Zoo. They collected the kittens to assess the situation.

As a result, the genders were confirmed by the zoo. Two healthy guys and one healthy female are present. Mao Xiong is the name of the elder. The second is known as Cat Lord, while the sister is known as Cat Control.

In addition, the Zoo intends to expand the number of feeding times. As a result, the mother will have more time to rest.

The announcement went viral on Facebook. The word of the triplets spread through the woods like a wildfire. This post was also shared 1.5k times on Facebook. That’s a lot of information. Aside from that, the post got 18k likes. In addition, the post received 1.1k comments.

The kittens were praised for their cuteness. Another person expressed her desire to visit the zoo. The photos are really lovely, and the folks are quite kind.

Leopard cats may be found in Asian nations. Forests, deserts, and hilly places are common habitats for these cats. The ratio has been falling as habitat has been lost. They’re also being hunted for meat. This has resulted in a significant decrease.

These three small ones, on the other hand, are a beacon of hope and joy!