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These Newborn Bats Were Rescued From The Brink Of Death

These newborn flying fox bats would have died if they hadn’t been discovered in time owing to the chilly Australian winter. Thankfully, a bat expert from Australia’s Gold Coast region came upon them just as they needed help.

In the cold, the pups fell off their tree, and 28 bats were discovered and sent to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. They had hypothermia symptoms when they arrived at the hospital.

The flying fox bat is a very uncommon bat species with extremely long wings. They’re so long that they’re frequently wrapped around people like a cloak.

The newborn bats were warmed up with electrolyte fluids and special bat blankets, which gave them the lovely “little bat burrito” appearance.

Each of the 28 newborns was given a unique bottle.

The bats were placed in the hands of the bat specialist who discovered them after receiving initial treatment at the hospital.