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After Being Taken By A Fox, The Loyal Goose Finds A Way To Find His Way Back To His Family

The Shymko family acquired Steve and his sister Lulu, two lovely geese, nine years ago, and they both settled in well right away.

These feathered brothers’ owner, Carla Shymko, said that the more time she spent with them, the more she realized how amusing they were, especially Steve, who instantly developed a bond with her and followed her everywhere she went.

He was usually by my side whenever I was in the yard. He and Lulu were the first to welcome visitors when they arrived at our house, said Carla. They also slept near to our big dogs.

Carla Shymko

In the hopes that one of her neighbors had witnessed anything, his mother made the decision to publish the absence of her cherished pet on Facebook.

Carla admitted that she had been apprehensive about seeking for a goose because she feared that others may think she was insane.

He was taken aback, though, by the extraordinarily positive response to his message.

Carla Shymko

“I wrote on Moose Jaw Lost and Found Pets and a few other pages in the end, and honestly, I had hundreds of responses in about an hour. People came up to me and were really kind. People offered to search for him,” Carla said with delight.

Carla Shymko

The same day, a neighbor confessed that he had spotted a fox on the road that morning carrying a white goose in its mouth.

Carla Shymko