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Love Was In The Air at Drusillas Zoo! These Two Capybaras Celebrated Valentine’s Day With A Romantic Meal

These two lovely capybaras had the most adorable Valentine’s Day Ever. Just so romantic, right?

Well, you can already tell that love was in the air in February 14, at Drusillas Zoo.

Clementine and Augustus were having their best life while eating together in a very decorated white linen table setting.

Just look at the flowers and decoration. So adorable!

Head Keeper, Gemma Romanis has talked about Clementine and Augustus.

“Clementine has been here a long time, and is a firm favorite among the team and visitors because she is so people-orientated. She’s very affectionate and loving with us, but in contrast, has been very dismissive and unwelcoming towards other capybaras we’ve tried to introduce over the years”.

Gemma added, “She’s therefore been on her own for quite some time, which started to become frustrating because we knew she would be happier with a companion.”

Such a romantic meal and a loving relationship between these two capybaras.