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Woman Sees A Photo Of An Older Dog That Was Going To Be Euthanized And Leaves Everything To Save It

Jaripo is a Pomeranian breed dog. Jaripo, an 18-year-old, was dumped by his closest buddy, who didn’t give a damn that the dog gave him his entire life, and ended up in an overcrowded shelter in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (USA). Before a woman spotted the photo of the small elderly dog, extremely unhappy and lonely, and hurried to save him, his tale went viral and no one adopted him.

The owner of Jaripo informed the staff at the high-kill shelter that the pet was suffering from a terminal illness and had to be put to sleep.

Before killing him, the staff at the shelter decided to publish a Facebook status about Jaripo in the hopes that someone would come to the dog’s aid.

Last but not least, Christina Morgan, a lady, viewed the image of the dejected elderly dog. Animal rescue group Paw Works, with headquarters in Ventura County, California, was founded by Christina.

Paw Works helps animals find permanent homes by rescuing them from municipal and county shelters. Christina was compelled to save Jaripo and bring him to her organization after she saw the post about him.

Christina stated to The Dodo:

“I’m frequently tagged in things on Facebook, and I noticed this small puppy moving the internet. Numerous others were tagging me. Every rescuer was staring at him. That is a high-kill refuge, but nobody was actually acting.

After hopping into her vehicle, Christina drove to the shelter. She dialed the shelter’s personnel to let them know she was on her way. She was informed that there was no certainty that Jaripo would be present. They said that they would “put him to sleep” if necessary.

Through the rain, she moved as quickly as she could. Fortunately, Jaripo was there to greet her when she got to the shelter. That day, she took him home.

Christina brought home five dogs, including Jaripo, as well as a cat with a gunshot wound.