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Rescued Kitten With Crooked Legs Finds The Family She Always Wanted

With crooked legs and a desire to find a family, a 9-week-old cat arrived at the Alaska Cat Adoption Team (ACAT). When the rescue center learned of the feline’s situation, it contacted Mojo’s Hope’s KAAAT and Alaska’s KAAATs, both of which are situated in Anchorage, Alaska, and run a program for animals with unique needs.

A veterinarian examined Lady Purrl, the kitten, to ensure that she would not feel any discomfort as a result of her ailment, and that it would not have a significant impact on her life. They discovered an old spinal injury on the x-rays, which caused the kitten’s legs to become twisted.


Lady Purrl was similarly malnourished, weighing only 1.7 pounds and suffering from chronic diarrhoea. Fortunately, she proved to be a warrior as she grew stronger. Now the inquisitive kitten climbs and dashes, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she is different from the others.

He nestled into his kitten-proof playpen, cuddled up close to a teddy bear, and had a long, quiet nap as soon as he arrived at Alaska’s KAAATs; no doubt the crooked-legged kitten felt safe.


Shannon cautiously introduced him to her resident animals, Cinder the dog and HarPURR the cat, thinking it would be beneficial for him to interact with other animals. She adores cuddling up with her two dearest buddies and spending time with them.


HarPurr and Lady Purrl both have a disorder that prohibits them from moving their rear legs. He was delighted to see her and took her under her wing right away.

Shannon tells the following story:

“HarPURR and Lady Purrl were whirling about like tiny tornado kittens, full of excitement, life, and such a lovely reminder of how to enjoy every moment, live life to the fullest, and absorb up the love that surrounds you.”


Cinder the Husky, on the other hand, had assisted in the raising of numerous rescue kittens and was delighted to assist Lady Purrl, wagging her tail joyfully; everyone greeted the newcomer warmly and welcomed her into their family.