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Cat Rescued By A Firefighter From A Forest Fire Does Not Want To Be Separated From Him

Amidst the destruction, Ryan Coleman, a fireman battling the destructive wildfire that has scorched much of Northern California, has made an unusual buddy. Since he saved the cat, it won’t leave him alone.

According to CNN, the current flames in California have already claimed 80 lives. The city of Paradise in Northern California was entirely devastated and turned into a hazardous zone by the so-called “Camp Fire.” But Ryan Coleman of the Fairview Valley Fire Department discovered a survivor there.

On November 8, the Camp Fire first broke out. More than 15,100 acres have been burnt since then, along with more than 11,700 dwellings.

After the fire destroyed everything in its path, the firefighter was digging through the debris in the town of Paradise when he discovered a gorgeous gray fluffy cat that had luckily survived the dreadful blaze.

Facebook / Ryan Coleman

The evacuation of Paradise before to the fire raises the possibility that this cat’s family may have abandoned it.

The cat quickly climbed onto Ryan’s shoulder and affectionately rubbed his hairy face against his cheek, demonstrating how glad he was to have another person at his side.

Ryan posted sweet pictures of the devoted cat on Facebook.

Facebook / Ryan Coleman

Ryan penned:

Recovering a cat. As I moved around the area, he continued to lean on my neck and shoulders.

Facebook / Ryan Coleman