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Every Halloween, Dad Creates The Nicest Costumes For His Rescued Pets

Steve Mckay has always been a die-hard Halloween fan, and he chose to keep celebrating the event after relocating to Taiwan ten years ago. The man decided that the best way to accomplish it was to make absurd costumes for himself, but his amusing designs eventually took a different turn.

According to Steve, who spoke to The Dodo,

“I used to adore Halloween as a kid, and I used to do DIY projects with my mum and dad.”

As a good foreigner, he believed that commemorating this ritual would be a wonderful experience for others who were unfamiliar with it and would demonstrate his genuine roots.


As a result, Steve began developing amusing Halloween costumes, which he wore to school where he worked as a teacher. However, it appears that his intentions altered when he chose to acquire a puppy named Buster, and he intended to include him in the joyful custom.


Steve continued:

“We found Buster walking along the street around five years ago. He was a little scrawny and had some skin issues, but he was very kind. We chose to stay with him after he accompanied us home for a few days.

Steve’s wife has always thought he’s insane for designing those costumes, but it appears that everyone appreciated her puppy’s outfit.


Since then, he has made a different costume for his dog and himself every year, a bizarre event that has become his new ritual, and the best part is that when he got another dog, Beans, he had to join in by wearing Halloween costumes as well.

Steve is an inquisitive person, therefore he builds most of his costumes out of felt, cardboard, and glue, and everything he imagines becomes a costume.


Buster, fortunately, is a terrific role model when it comes to displaying his father’s amusing works in public.

Steve had this to say:

Buster is unconcerned about anything. He appears solemn in images from time to time, but that’s only because he’s staring at a canine treat.


Steve decided to change Buster into a dragon ship one day; he was initially perplexed, but eventually understood and proceeded in search of snacks. Because Buster is a devoted foodie, his father attempts to create costumes that are inspired by the foods he enjoys the most.


Beans, on the other hand, isn’t really fond of costumes, but he does honor his father’s desires by allowing himself to wear hats, wigs, and spectacles.

When Beans and Buster aren’t busy showcasing their father’s amusing creations, they go about their daily lives like any other dog.


These puppies, without a doubt, could not have a finer existence; nonetheless, they would rather October not arrive.