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Teenagers Where Collecting Fire-Threatened Animals On Kangaroo Island When Suddenly They Saw Some Koalas On Board

Koalas are nocturnal creatures which rarely move. As a result, bushfires represent a particularly serious threat to them. As a result, two local kids are gathering rare creatures on their island.
Bushfires are blazing unchecked on Kangaroo Island, Australia’s third biggest island. More than 100,000 hectares of land, including portions of Flinders Chase National Park in the island’s southwest, have already been devastated. Kangaroos, wallabies, platypus, and possums, as well as koalas, may be found in the park’s unspoiled scenery and wildness.

Credit: Stern

“On Kangaroo Island, my Cousin and I Rescue Koalas Affected by Fire”

Credit: Stern

Two teenage islanders headed out in their vehicle to collect as many animals as they could. They made a video of it and posted it on YouTube.

A mother carries her child in the back of the automobile, while four other koalas play in the front. One of the kids says, “We threw the mother in the trunk because she was a little violent.” “The little creatures appear to be worn out. We’re attempting to gather as many as possible.”

The island’s koalas have escaped the clamydia outbreak that has affected the fluffy creatures on the mainland so far. Infertility and severe urinary tract infections are caused by the illness, which is spread through intercourse. Since a result, user Angie Boxer is concerned by the teens’ video and advises them not to carry the animals off the island, as they will not be permitted to return.