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Blind Puppy And His Guide Dog Look For A Home Together

At first look, Star and Denver appear to be two healthy dogs that lead typical lives. Star, on the other hand, is unique in that she is deaf and nearly blind, but because to her brother’s care, she can have a normal life.

Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC) is caring for the 3-month-old siblings. They like playing, running, exploring, fighting over toys, and having a good time until they are exhausted and go to bed together.

Denver has taken on the role of guide dog for his sister, frequently checking in on her and ensuring that she is safe.

Facebook/Helen Woodward Animal Center

HWAC’s social media manager, Jackie Kelleher, told The Dodo:

“When Star appears to be lost, Denver rushes up to her and speaks with her. They like playing with each other, tumbling, wind-up toys, and chewing on teddy animals.”

Facebook/Helen Woodward Animal Center

Denver is always on the lookout for anything affecting his sister, ensuring sure she is aware of his presence.

jackie explained:

“He pushes her away with a gesture.” Star can smell him, and if she gets separated from him, she goes around the room until she finds him.”

The cubs are unharmed, but things may have turned out differently if they hadn’t been saved by two kind strangers.

Facebook/Helen Woodward Animal Center

Star and Denver, together with their mother and six other siblings, were discovered abandoned in rural Louisiana by a couple. The couple looked for the small family until the puppies were weaned, at which point they planned a journey to take the litter to the shelter.

The puppies arrived to the HWAC in California in early February, and all but Star and Denver have been adopted since then. The rescue organization wants to locate these two adorable boys the perfect home where they can receive the attention they require.

Star appears to be content with her current situation, ignoring her particular requirements as long as her adorable brother is by her side to protect her.

Facebook/Helen Woodward Animal Center

jackie explained:

“When it advances to a new site, it walks slowly, gently placing one paw in front of the other and’mapping’ the terrain. Even when they are with humans, Denver is constantly sensitive to their requirements.”