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This Dog Is Happy To Be Reunited With Her Family After Wandering Alone For Two Nights In The Mountains During A Storm

Following a stroll in the Morne Mountains of Northern Ireland with her father, Ricky Lyle, Molly, a cute springer spaniel, recently went missing. Ricky claims that he regularly takes Molly for hikes in the mountains, where they occasionally part ways for a short distance before reuniting a short distance later.

Because Molly doesn’t run away, her father releases her from the leash after assuring her that her memory is flawless. A little storm was developing when Molly vanished on her trip, according to Ricky. There was nothing unusual; it was only that it was windy.

She turned left, and I climbed a little bit. She couldn’t hear me no matter how loud I screamed or whistled since I was for her.


In the hopes that she would pick up the trail and return to the road, Ricky went back to the car and sat there until it became dark. At that point, the storm was really intense, the wind was blowing quickly, and a lot of snow was falling. The man was forced to leave her since it was too risky to stay.

Ricky quickly requested assistance from the neighborhood via his Facebook account, and the reaction he received the next day was incredible.

The guy uttered:

Every person we encountered in the mountains was hunting for Molly. To find her, someone even pulled the drone off her.


They searched the bottom of the cliffs in case Molly had gone off during the storm and fell, but they were unable to find her. Ricky started to lose faith as they searched for the dog.

Fortunately, Ricky received a call saying that Molly had been sighted. The hiker who came upon her attempted to woo her with a sandwich, but the poor kid was too terrified and fled as soon as she noticed them.


As soon as Ricky arrived on the scene, he and a Morne Heritage Trust ranger were able to save Molly from the wild and return her to her family. Her father describes her as a very bold and intrepid young lady.

Ricky is unsure of Molly’s precise age because she was a rescue dog, but he estimates that she is between five and seven years old.