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Dog That Was Dumped Has A New Family Now, He Takes Care Of Two Adorable Kittens

Meet this rescued dog named Raylan. He has been a dad to a lot of kittens. Dog loves taking care of others and adores being busy all the time. Also he loves to play and cuddle the babies.

“Raylan is always so happy and so excited when a new foster arrives, and he spends so much time watching them, cleaning them and winning them over,” Laura Tindal, Raylan’s mom, told The Dodo. “They play, cuddle and amuse each other, which is so important for [Raylan’s] mental stimulation.” “He’s not the kind of dog to just lie quietly on his bed for hours,” she added.

“He gets bored quickly and needs things to do.” But now he has to be a dad again. Two kittens Ron and Hermione are welcomed at Laura’s house. They were founded dehydrated. Raylan loved them since the beginning, the first day he saw them. “Both kittens love Raylan, but Ron was especially taken with him,” Tindal said.

“[He] immediately wanted to constantly be crawling on him and touching him and be as close as possible to him.” “Raylan often carries our foster kittens around in his mouth like a mother dog would, and Ron not only was the perfect size but he absolutely loves it!” Tindal said.

“You can’t get much closer than inside his mouth. So Raylan’s just constantly carrying Ron around.”

Now they have a strong friendship and are inseparable. Raylan has had a very tough life before since he was dumped at a shelter by his family.

But he didn’t give up. Dog is happy and has a loving family.