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A Lovely Golden Retriever Happily Displays The Large Collection Of Sticks He Has Collected For His Father

Bruce lives with his father, Leo Icenhour, and is a beautiful Golden Retriever. He’s a charming and smart fuzzy with a peculiar and perplexing fixation. He enjoys collecting sticks.

Due to a stick mishap two years ago that landed him in the hospital, Bruce is only permitted to play with rubber toys.

According to Leo, who spoke to The Dodo,

“Despite his injuries, his passion for clubs has only grown into a stunning collection. He takes satisfaction in collecting clubs of various kinds and sizes from our backyard and placing them in front of our front door, where we can inspect them everyday as we come and go.


Bruce’s love with collecting sticks began a few years ago when he left his favorite stick outside in a snowfall and it was totally coated in snow. He was so distressed that he thought he’d lost his mind.

Leo explains:

“The night it started snowing, he had left his favorite stick outside.” Bruce was in a complete panic the next day since he couldn’t find it or even see the ground.


Bruce had been digging holes in the snow for quite some time. He looked distressed as he searched for his stick, and as the weather began to heat up, he took a break and waited.


Leo recalls:

“He was eventually able to dig and recover his stick when the snow half melted. That was the most triumphant I had ever seen him. “I believe he started collecting because he didn’t want to go through the anxiety of losing it again.”


Bruce is not allowed to join his father’s clubs, but the shrewd golden typically takes advantage of his father’s distractions to sneak a few in and keep him by his side for a while.