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Couple Rescues A Young Deer After It Falls Into Their Pool

Rescuing a wild animal was the farthest thing from James and Alicia Angeli’s when they were relaxing at home on the weekend. But when Alicia was taking their dogs outside into the backyard of their Pennsylvania home, she saw the head of a young deer pop above the surface of the pool! The poor deer was completely submerged with only his head above water!

She immediately shouted for James, who came out to help the deer. He tapped on the pool and the deer swam right over to him, as if it knew he was there to rescue him. Next James reached into the pool and lifted the limp deer out of the water and placed him on the ground.

Cell phone video shot by Alicia shows her trying to calm the juvenile deer when it was out of the pool. The deer was freezing and couldn’t get up right away. He was also momentarily scared by the couple’s dog. But after Alicia put some blankets on him and warmed him with her body heat, the deer responded and got up and ran back into the forest.

Alicia shared the following details about the deer and their pool, after putting up a fence:

“At the time this video was shot, our pool was less than a year old. We have not yet put up a deck and fencing (though it’s not required by our township). The pool is built on a hill, so that is why it’s so close to the ground on the one side. We don’t know how or why the deer got in. We do have plans this season to put up the deck and fencing so no other lives will be in danger.

After this video ended, we left him alone because he didn’t like us helping him. We watched from inside the house. It took him a while to be able to stand up and stay up, and after he could, he stood in the sun for an hour or two before walking off into the woods.

I can’t be certain, but we’ve always had herds of only doe roam through our yard. This past year (2017) we saw a buck come through a few times, so it might have been him!”