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Woman Driving Down Mountain Sees A Dog Huddled Up In The Leaves

After a group of dogs was abandoned on the side of a mountain in West Virginia, a rescue group went out to collect them and take them in, and was able to get all of them to safety — except for one. One of the dogs was so scared that she ran from her rescuers, and after so many failed attempts, they eventually had to call it a day.

Jace Rowe is in the military and was driving home from the armory on top of the mountain when she spotted the dog, huddled up all alone in a pile of leaves and dirt. The mountain is, unfortunately, a common place for people to dump abandoned dogs. The dog was clearly in need of help, and even though she looked defeated and scared, Rowe knew she had to try and rescue her.

“She melted my heart the moment I laid eyes on her and I just knew that I wasn’t leaving her on that mountain to die,” Rowe told The Dodo.

She pulled over and got out of her car, and slowly began to approach the abandoned dog. At first she expected the dog to be scared of her — but for some reason, something about Rowe made the little dog feel instantly safe.

“She was not scared of me at all; she got up slowly and walked towards me,” Rowe said. “Slow but very trusting, almost as if she was thinking, ‘Finally you’re here, I’m safe now.’ She put her head right in my hands and let me pet her, eager for attention.”

After gaining her trust and giving her some love and attention, Rowe loaded the dog into her car and checked her over, and could immediately see what poor condition she was in. She was incredibly skinny and suffering from mange, an infected back paw and a cut on the inside of her ear. Despite how neglected she was, the little dog was so happy and sweet from the very beginning, and just wanted to cuddle and hang out with the woman who rescued her.

“Her personality is so sweet and loving, almost like you could actually see appreciation on her face from the very beginning,” Rowe said. “She’s timid and well-mannered but loves the attention when it’s given to her.”

After taking her to a vet and getting her cleaned up, treated and spayed, Rowe began looking around for a home for the dog she rescued. Eventually, she found a family who wanted to adopt the dog, but unfortunately, they returned her after only a day. Rowe and her mom posted about the dog on their Facebook pages, hoping one of their friends might want to adopt her — and before long, the perfect people saw the post and immediately fell in love.

One of Rowe’s Facebook friends and her boyfriend had seen pictures and videos of the sweet rescue dog, and for some reason, the couple couldn’t stop thinking about her. When they found out she hadn’t found a forever home yet, they knew it was meant to be, and quickly made it official and adopted her into their family. The couple already had two big dogs, and so they decided to name their new puppy Lil One.

From the moment Lil One arrived in her new home, it was the perfect match for her. She fell in love with her family immediately, especially her new dad. Lil One and her dad have a special bond, and he will spend hours cuddling with her in her dog bed just to make her feel safe and comfortable.

The love her family has for her is helping her to come out of her shell more and more each day …

… and has also turned her into the biggest cuddle bug in the whole world.

In a lot of ways, Lil One is having to learn how to be a dog for the first time, but her parents and her dog siblings are helping her with lots of patience and love. Lil One’s rescuers could not be more thrilled that she found such a perfect family, and are so glad they could play a part in helping her get a second chance.

“She’s putting on weight and growing her hair back in the patches that were missing,” Rowe said. “The love she is getting is shining through in her appearance. She’s glowing.”