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Bunny Climbs In The Back Of His Bulldog Sister To Steal Food From His Owner

After their owner posted a video of their recent adventure together on TikTok, a fluffy rabbit and his sister, a beautiful bulldog, have become TikTok stars.

These are two lovely little animals that are more than just household pets; they are true soul brothers. Animals, after all, are the best teachers when it comes to teaching humans about loyalty, unconditional love, and sticking with us “through thick and thin.”

A bunny climbed on the back of his bulldog sister to perpetrate the best crime in history

The characters of the most amusing scenario were the tiny crooks that live with their owner in Argentina. And there was his human at the ideal time to capture everything and share such an act of brotherhood, camaraderie, and mischief with the rest of the globe.

The young guy filmed the moment when both pets joined together as excellent “partners in crime” to grab a delectable dish that his owner had stored very nicely in the fridge for the following day’s work.

According to the creator of the popular video, @anto8686, who has over 30,000 followers on TikTok, his rabbit rode atop his bulldog called Pánfila and drank a lot of water.

Both small creatures, it turns out, understood just how and when to do it in order to avoid being captured. They continued to carry out their plan in the dead of night, without suspecting that their owner knows too much about them.

“They both thought I wouldn’t hear anything,” the young guy wrote in his article.

The scene rapidly went viral on social media, thanks to the strange and amusing conduct of the nice Pánfila, who patiently waited for his pal to complete satisfying his appetite.

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