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This Eyeless Cat Never Gave Up Despite His Problem, He Is So Strong And Happy To Have A Loving Home

Meet this eyeless cat named Kazou. He has had a very tough life but now he is happy to have a loving home.

Kazou was so sick, had flu and because of that, he got his eyes removed after a surgery.

But this cat never gave up.

“Kazou is a very curious, sassy, and fearless cat. Besides chasing bumblebees, of course, he loves being outside in his very own cat proof garden and feeling the sun on his belly. Everyone who meets Kazou is thrilled by his behavior. Even if he’s eyeless, I bet he can see with his heart”, owner Sabine Fallend wrote to Bored Panda.

Kazou’s owner has posted some lovely pictures of cat in Bored Panda.