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Meet Gertrude The Duck That Is Stealing Hearts In Internet With Her Unique “Hair”

A woman named Holly Mead loves ducks. Actually there is one of them that has gone viral in Internet because of its interesting look.

Meet Gertrude! This duck is stealing hearts in Internet because of her lovely look. Just look at her hair.

You could envy her hairstyle and we don’t blame you!

Holly Mead has talked to Bored Panda about Gertrude.

“Gertrude is my 3-and-a-half-year-old crested Peking duck. When she hatched, she had an unusually large crest lump that grew her fabulous ‘hair.’ Gertrude has been featured in magazines, on a tabloid cover in the UK and in a few advertisements. This all started with a photo of her that went viral. Because of her talent contracts, she lives inside and wears diapers. She also serves as an emotional support animal and frequently visits nursing homes and shut-ins.”

Gertrude’s brother was killed by a raccoon and that’s so sad.

Duck is so unique and has a lovely personality. Also she is super friendly and so energetic.

Gertrude loves Holly’s dad named Poppy. He is 81-year-old and they are inseparable now.