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The Unlikely Friendship Between A Dog And A Duck Who Do Everything Together

The unexpected connection between a dog and a duck is an example of how animals can create extraordinary bonds of friendship. Max the Husky met his closest buddy Quackers the Duck in this way, proving that friendship knows no boundaries.

Max was adopted by Patrick and Kirsten Riley of Strout, Minnesota, when he was around 5 years old. Sasha, another Husky in the family at the time, was quickly befriended by the dog.

WCCO-TV quoted Patrick as saying:

“Max would sit by his pen all the time, and the two of them became inseparable. After we let him go, they never left each other’s side.”


The couple had lost a few of pals when they kidnapped Quackers. Max’s companionship provided comfort to the duck. It might be stated that the two new buddies felt the same way, and they would never be alone again.

Kirsten, Max and Quackers’ mother, says:

“They sleep together, eat together, drink together, and go down the street together.” They work together on everything.”

The unique pair of pals liked to hang together along the roadway. Strout is a small town with only approximately 25 people, yet they have become well-known in the area.

Alisa Godejahn, a family neighbor, added:

“On the walk home, I always hope they’re there because they’re too valuable to miss.” People frequently come to a halt there. Because of all the shots being taken of them, traffic can become stalled there at times.”


The two companions even share a bedroom in the garage, and it’s not unusual to wake up to the sound of webbed and bouncy feet racing around. It may even be accompanied with a squawk and a bark at times.