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A Woman Notices A Clever Puppy Ringing The Doorbell As If It Were A Human

While some dogs appear to have perfected the art of espionage by learning to sneak away from home and embark on solitary expeditions, returning home at the conclusion of the voyage is frequently the most difficult part.

But not for this astute canine.

A passerby recently saw something strange going on outside a house in Mato Grosso, Brazil. A large, floppy dog was spotted lingering near the guarded entrance, seemingly alone.

Is the puppy still missing? Hardly.

As onlookers watched, the astute dog jumped up and rang the doorbell like a person.

The dog’s idea worked well. His folks buzzed him back inside when he rang the doorbell.

After the video above became viral, Giglio Bernini, the dog’s owner, was interviewed by news channel G1 Globo. Fasca, it turns out, is the pup’s name, and he taught himself how to do everything.

Fasca is known to slip away from home when the yard gate is left open, according to Bernini. But he always returns after a short while, ringing the doorbell to announce his presence.

The dog’s family couldn’t believe it when it first started.

Bernini explained, “We couldn’t think it would be Fasca [ringing] since we never taught him anything.”