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Sea Lion That Dives In A Swimming Pool And Later Steals Man’s Chair Is Stealing Hearts In Internet

A video has gone viral in Internet where a sea lion takes a swim at beach resort. Not just that but sea lion also steals a man’s chair.

Can you imagine how cute and funny is this?

A couple honeymooning in the Galápagos Islands captured the lovely moment and later shared on social media.

At first, sea lion decided to dive into the swimming pool and later approached at a man’s chair.

“This sea lion, Wendy, and her pup, Lulu, visit this hotel in the Galápagos Islands on a daily basis. Often times found swimming in the pool and lounging on their favorite chairs taking long naps,” says the newlywed.

“The animals here are so respected and loved – everyone is asked to keep a 6-foot distance from them and absolutely no touching or feeding them. I took this video while sitting on our balcony,” she adds. “My husband and I were in the Galápagos for our honeymoon.”

Such an impressive and cute moment!

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