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Man Rescues Beagle From Being Euthanized At Shelter And Thanks Him With A Hug

Due to heartworm illness, Gregory the Beagle was on the verge of being put to death at a Franklin County animal shelter. Fortunately, Joe Kirk entered Gregory’s life just in time to save him. Every dog and puppy deserves to be given the proper care and a lifelong home. Gregory gave her a hug of gratitude when he first met her.

When pictures of the dog cuddling Joe appeared online, they soon went viral. Two days after being sacrificed and when Gregory was two years old, something happened.

Co-founders of the charity Hound Rescue and Sanctuary, located close to Findlay, Ohio, are Joe and his wife Schenley Hutson-Kirk.

Schenley Hutson Kirk

This group is in charge of assisting pups that are homeless and also runs a shelter where those who have trouble finding homes can stay. This group’s main objective is to prevent them from being put to death.

Schenley Hutson Kirk

Posted by Schenley on Facebook:

Gregory is an appreciative Beagle. Although he has a parasite condition and will be receiving treatment, he is certain that he is secure and in capable hands. He will be cured, receive all the affection he deserves, and have a fantastic future thanks to us!

Schenley Hutson Kirk

At any one moment, Hound Rescue and Sanctuary homes and cares for 25 to 30 hounds, some of whom are up for adoption and others of which are being loved and looked after by volunteers at the sanctuary.

Schenley Hutson Kirk