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Nothing Is Cuter Than This Dog Wearing Her Coyote-Proof Vest

Beanie was rescued from a hoarding situation and adopted by her mother when she was approximately two years old. Her adoptive mom couldn’t wait to bring her home and see her slowly start to break out of her shell when she was initially rescued. She was shy, disheartened, and yearning for someone to finally give her some love and attention.

Beanie’s mother, Amina Akhtar, told The Dodo, “She was very little and forlorn when I first received her.” “I knew I had to have her in my life the moment I saw her adorable face.”


Beanie is now eight years old and has grown up a lot in the last six years. Her little Chihuahua body is lots of personality, and her antics and lovely facial expressions keep everyone who knows her amused.

Akhtar described her as “hilarious.” “Unless the UPS person is outside, she’s a pretty calm dog.” She’s a lover, and she’s one of the kindest dogs you’ll ever meet. She only wants to lick you and be rubbed on the belly and fed food. She can’t seem to eat enough! She is constantly attempting to smuggle goodies into the house.”


Beanie and her mother used to reside in New York City, but they relocated to Arizona a few years ago to be closer to Akhtar’s father. Life in the mountains near Sedona is very different from life in the city, and the couple has had to adjust to many new things since they moved there, including coyotes.

“It’s a wildlife hotspot,” Akhtar said. “This is also their land.” Coyotes, javelinas, bobcats, and mountain lions all live here. Before we walk out, I have to make sure nothing is outside, because they can sneak up on you. My heart stopped one day when a coyote was about 12 feet away from Bean and I was a little further away.”


“I had to do something once I discovered how many coyotes were nearby,” Akhtar remarked. “I’d be devastated if bringing her here resulted in her being hurt.”

To keep Beanie especially secure whenever she went outside, Akhtar purchased her a “coyote vest” to wear on their walks. The vest is pink, spiky, and ridiculous-looking, yet it’s the prettiest, funniest costume ever on Beanie.


Despite Beanie’s dislike for her coyote vest, all of Akhtar’s friends and family like seeing her in it, so one day she uploaded a photo of Beanie in it on Twitter — and was surprised to see that the world was also infatuated with Beanie’s coyote vest.

“It garnered a little attention at first, which I thought was good,” Akhtar added. “It was ridiculous when I woke up the next morning.” “All I care about is that I made people laugh and that they fell in love with Bean and her facial expressions.”


Everyone thought the photo of Beanie in her rocker-style coyote vest was hilarious, and Beanie and her mother received a flood of new followers and lovers from all over the internet.

Beanie despises her vest, so her mother only puts it on her when she needs to – but perhaps if Beanie realized how much attention her vest photo has earned, she might be a bit more enthusiastic about wearing it.