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A Man Was Captured On Camera Performing A Beautiful Dance With A Homeless Dog

Metin Canener was strolling along a Turkish street on his way home when someone appeared out of the darkness. When he spotted him approaching, a homeless dog approached him, wagging his tail nervously.

Metin had spotted the dog earlier in the day, and the heartwarming meeting took place at 2:51 a.m. at a nearby coffee shop.

According to The Dodo, he said:

He frequently visits the street. It’s always in the café.

A man does a sweet dance with a stray puppy.

Metin and the dog, on the other hand, got to know one other a lot better that morning. When they spotted a familiar face on that deserted street, they were infected by the same joyful mood, and they reacted in the finest way: “dancing.”

Instagram / @bendemistims

Metin and the dog had lost their strangeness.

He stated:

“We grew to be excellent friends.” I couldn’t take him home since I already had four dogs.

Fortunately, despite appearing to be homeless, the dog appears to be well nourished, perhaps the locals have looked after him.

Instagram / @bendemistims

Neither of them realized their intimate meeting had been recorded on film at the time. The café owner had gone through the surveillance tape the day before and shared it with Metin.

He shared it on the internet, and it quickly became viral.

Instagram / @bendemistims

Metin stated:

“I was taken aback when I saw that everything had been captured on video. It made me laugh out loud. I’ve always enjoyed dancing with animals. Even more than people, I adore animals.