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The Real-Life Pikachu: The Most Adorable Pictures Of American Pika That Will Melt Your Heart

Wildlife photographer Deirdre Denali Rosenberg has captured some amazing pictures of American pika. Can you imagine how cute is this?

Well yes, Pikachu cartoon is based actually on these animals.

Rosenberg photographed them in their extreme mountainous homes. Pikas live for 7 months under the talus and work all summer.

“Unlike many other animals living in freezing conditions, American pika do not hibernate. Instead, they work all summer to gather up tundra grasses that they turn into hay piles: big mounds of grass that dry in the sunshine. Summertime is when pikas are the most active, bounding across talus fields with mouths stuffed full! They feast on these hay piles all autumn/winter/spring and live comfortably under the talus for about 7 months out of the year. And once in a while, with patience, you can observe them come out of their cozy winter dens, run across the snow, and munch up the grass they worked so hard to prepare”, photographer wrote to Bored Panda.

These pictures are so adorable and fascinating.

Photographer has made such a great work with these pics.

For more, you can visit deirdredenaliphotography.com