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Cat’s Unusual Snuggling Pattern Alerted Its Owner That She Might Have Cancer Before She Got Diagnosed

There’s a misconception that our pets don’t have much use. It’s not true, because nowadays many pets find their use as emotional support animals, and have a strong therapeutic value. Therapeutic use is common and well-understood, but how about diagnostics? Sounds strange? Today’s story is about how one oddly cuddly cat, Oggy, might have just saved Kate’s life by pointing out her breast cancer.

Like most good stories, it was a little more complicated than that classic trope from Lassie: “what, Lassie? Timmy fell down the well?” Minnesotans Kate King-Scribbins and her husband own four rescues: Oggy, who’s the oldest, Max the mixed-breed dog who has unfortunately passed away recently, Lulu the Maine coon, and Abby, the twelve-year-old lab mix, who’s the youngest in the pack. Oggy, being the eldest and the wisest, sensed that there was trouble…