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Being Rescued, The Dog Sheds Tears Of Joy Before Meeting A Sad End

In China, a dog expressed his thanks for being rescued by crying.

Crying isn’t usually triggered by discomfort or grief. When this dog was saved, he was overcome with delight and appreciation, to the point of tears. She was probably aware that she was about to be shot.

Dog meat consumption is widespread in China, despite the fact that the country’s central government has recently prohibited it. This dog was at the slaughterhouse, her days numbered, seeing her companions go out of their cages, never to be seen again.

Credit: caesonline

Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province in southern China, was the scene of the crime. Despite the harsh winters – Kunming is located at an altitude of 2,000 meters – the metropolis boasts over 2.1 million residents and is renowned as the “City of Eternal Spring.”

A group of animal rights activists in the city resolved to put an end to the slaughter of dogs. The crew was able to withdraw 14,450 yuan (about R$12,000 at the current exchange rate). The goal was to purchase the canines from a slaughterhouse.

Credit: caesonline

The first dog to be “acquired” was a golden retriever dog in the slaughter line, about to become fresh meat on the table of some traditional Chinese. She appeared to comprehend the situation and express gratitude to the rescuers, as evidenced by many eyewitness accounts.

Some estates in China grow dogs for cutting, but the Sanhê group, which was in charge of the Kunming rescue, had reason to assume that the animals discovered in the commercial establishment had been taken from their guardians. They discovered one with many collars and shackles, indicating that the animals were pets rather than sustenance for people.

Credit: caesonline

The volunteers had already visited the butcher store on several occasions in search of stray animals. However, they were unaware of the large number of canines held captive in the facility, which were kept in filthy conditions, as reported in the local press.

In total, the Sanhê group team saved 20 dogs, including the dog who became famous for being filmed crying with passion and gratitude, and gave them another chance to, who knows, become pets.

The volunteers took the dogs to the Eastern Veterinary Hospital in Huaibei, Anhui Province, after “paying for the merchandise” (central-eastern part of the country). Some of the animals were dehydrated and undernourished, need medical attention.

Credit: caesonline

“So as not to harm the meat,” it is normal practice in slaughterhouses to leave animals without water or nourishment. Dogs and cats are injured and even mangled in some regions of the country to make them more nutritious.

Seventeen of the twenty-one animals rescued by the activists have already been placed in new foster homes. Two of them remain in the hospital, including the golden retriever, who would have shed tears of joy. The accompanying physician, on the other hand, denied that the tears were tears of gratitude.

Credit: caesonline

It is feared that the death toll in the country’s interior is significantly higher. Dogs and cats have long been seen as household pets. In the 1950s, the people was obliged to resume traditional consumerism in large numbers due to a severe economic crisis.

The number of lost and stolen animals butchered at butcher shops has increased since the breeding of dogs and cats for slaughter was declared forbidden. The lack of sanitary inspection also contributes to the facilities’ poor conditions.