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A Dog With A very Short Spine Does Not Realize That It Is Unusual

Tilly, a Tibetan spaniel, is a one-of-a-kind dog. Her mother learned about her from an internet advertisement for a litter of puppies they were giving for adoption, however one of the cubs was born with a very short spine.

Tilly’s mother, Anna Marie Giannini, didn’t mind that her dog was “strange,” since she saw her as a very charming and totally typical young girl. She realized she needed to look after her and that with a lot of love, the young girl might achieve.

According to Anna, who spoke to The Dodo,

“When I arrived, I was told that one of the puppies was malformed and that they were unable to find a home for it, putting it at risk of being euthanized. Before he finished uttering that awful sentence, I had already fallen in love with her and was planning our next year together in my brain.

Dog was born with a very short spine.

Short spine syndrome was present at birth in the small dog. This is an uncommon disease that inhibits the proper development of the vertebrae, giving the dog a neckless appearance and a very short back.

Anna was touched to see how lovely and delicate Tilly was when she finally had her in her arms, and she couldn’t believe no one wanted to take her home.

Anna had already made up her mind: she would take Tilly home with her and shower her with all the affection she deserved.

The dog’s mother explains:

It was a filthy little ball of hair when I acquired it. She fit wonderfully in my palm, and as she laid down on my lap and gazed at me with her large brown eyes as we drove home from where I picked her up, I knew she needed me and I needed her.

Tilly’s illness has grown more evident with time, but that hasn’t prevented her from living her life like any other curious and naughty dog would.

Anna confirms:

“He was born with a condition, and his body, like those of other people with syndromes, has learnt to adapt and thrive. Due to his small spine, he has had no health issues or difficulties, and he will have a long and healthy life.”

Tilly is self-sufficient, and even her mother has learned to accept her limits; the only time the dog need assistance is when getting on and off of furniture and beds, for which she has her own customized ladders.

He can’t turn his head to help himself when anything hurts him in his body and he wants to scratch himself because of his hard spine. As a result, Anna makes it a point to scratch her and massage her gently to relieve her pain.

Sweet Tilly is spoilt; she likes being with her mother all of the time and occasionally showers her with kisses; it’s his way of expressing her how much he loves her and how pleased he is to be by her side.

Anna continues:

She sleeps like a small person in my bed, with her head on the pillow and her legs tucked under the cover. She has to be near to me at all times, caressing me. She stands between my legs as I cook. She lies next to me with her paws on my shoulder when I’m completing my schoolwork.

Anna claims that Tilly has taught her a lot, and that she has reminded her to be grateful for what she has and to be content with it. She feels that her dog is unaware that she is unusual, and that, despite the fact that her look draws a lot of attention on the street, she seems unconcerned about it; she is happy, and that is all that counts to her.

Anna finally says:

“I am very grateful to be the one to provide her with a good life and to be able to spend all this time with her. It constantly reminds me that being different is something special ”


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