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One Of Less Than 100 Pink Pugs In The World ‘Milkshake’ Is Stealing Hearts On Instagram

Who brings all the boys (and girls) to the yard? That’s right, Milkshake. All dog-lovers around the world gather in this adorable pug’s Instagram yard. The 17-month-old cuddly pup is stealing hearts due to his extremely unique appearance―he was born with blush pink fur, nose, and paws, as well as enchanting baby blue eyes, which makes him stand out in the quite competitive and wondrous world of petfluencers.

The pooch’s owner Maria shares daily delightful photos and videos from Milkshake’s pampered and posh lifestyle that most of us could only dream of. But underneath the glamorous bling, he’s a squishy, cute, and lovable pup just living his best life in London!

With 74.9k followers and rapidly counting, he’s a one-of-a-kind pink pug influencer on social media and only one of less than 100 pink pugs worldwide. His albino-like looks are a result of an inherited lack of pigmentation. Luckily, genetics only affected his coloring and Milkshake doesn’t face any condition-related health problems such as poor vision or blindess, sensitivity to direct sunlight, and higher risks of developing a skin cancer.

I mean really – how could you not love this face . Milkshake is a 15/10 in my book. And I have 3 eng bulldogs who are 9/10. They have their off days.

Milkshake is a special little dog who brings a lot of joy to everyone around, so 33-year-old marketing manager Maria makes sure to treat him to no less than he deserves, which some might consider extreme spoiling. The pink pug leads a luxurious lifestyle that includes weekly trips to a dog spa, an exquisite beauty regimen, fancy outfits, glamorous photoshoots, and events.

But as playful and affectionate as he is, Milkshake mostly appreciates his hooman being a freelancer and all the perks and quality time that come with it. However, he’s not only the best companion for spending cozy time at home, but also a great business partner, as Maria takes him to all work meetings. In fact, Milkshake might soon take up new career opportunities, as he’s being trained professionally to act in ads and films. And there’s no doubt that Milkshake will continue putting smiles on people’s faces throughout his adventures, which are still so new and fresh!