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Meet Vincent, A Fluffy Maine Coon Cat That Looks Like A Black Panther And Acts Like A Dog

A while ago, we shared a story about a giant fluffy cat called Kefir. Because of its tremendous size, the animal went viral all over the internet and has molten the hearts of many people.

Today, we want to introduce you to yet another big boy—Vincent. He is a Maine coon cat from Russia who attracts attention not only with his enormousness and large and vibrant eyes, but also with his black and silky fur, which resembles that of a black panther.

The beautiful cat has a profile on TikTok and Instagram. His combined follower count on these two platforms is more than 500 thousand. Accompanied by his owners, Andrey and Anastasia, the mesmerizing feline enchants the feed with entertaining videos and photos which we find adorable!