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Friendship Between Orangutans And Otters At A Belgian Zoo Has Captured The Everyone’s Attention

Can you believe this cute friendship between a family of orangutans and some otters? This thing happened at a Belgian zoo.

Actually watching them all together is such an adorable thing. The orangutans and otters first met when the staff at Pairi Daiza zoo in Brugelette ran the otters’ river through the orangutans’ enclosure.

Since then, they became friends.

Mathieu Goedefroy, spokesman for Pairi Daiza zoo has told Bored Panda that: “Our gorillas live together with colobus monkeys, our penguins live with the seals, our kangaroos share an enclosure with pelicans, we have squirrels living with bats, pygmy hippos with pelicans, giraffes with ostriches, Asian elephants with Asian gazelles, zebras with buffalos… and so on”.

Dad Ujian, mom Sari, and their son Berani became friends very soon with the orangutan family in the zoo.