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A Couple Who Drive For Several Hours To Rescue The Deceased Grandfather’s Dog, Decide To Keep Him To Change Their Lives

The news that Ashton Hart’s grandpa, whom he hadn’t seen in six years, had died of Covid was delivered to him. He was shocked by the information, but he was also worried that maybe his grandfather had a pet that he had neglected to mention.

He later learned that his grandfather had a dog and would probably be put to death due to his circumstances, thus it would appear that his instincts were true.

Ashton and his companion then made the snap decision to drive for more than three hours in order to locate the dog named Oatmilk Latte.

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Even though they didn’t know anything about the dog, they made the decision to save him from a hopeless situation and even professed to love him. When they got to his grandfather’s place, they discovered an obese puppy that was due for euthanasia and had a number of other health issues.

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Ashton stated to The Dodo:

“Before I acquired my business, I spent the most of my professional career working in animal welfare, so I wouldn’t let it be compromised.”

Oatmilk Due to his grandfather’s neglect, Latte had matted fur, was quite filthy, and was known to have a number of health issues. In his heart and mind, the abandoned dog was already his new companion and would be formally adopted, thus these issues did not concern him.

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They had to put the adorable puppy in the car and make the additional three-hour journey back home since he got fatigued fast.

Ashton was aware that his grandfather adored Oatmilk despite his poor health; it was obvious the dog still cared for him.

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Ashton continued:

Although she is really nice, she is undoubtedly in mourning. Though it takes time, things become a bit better each day. It’s difficult to lose someone, especially for dogs. They are totally dependent on us. Putting aside his carelessness, I guess my grandfather enjoyed it in his own particular manner.

To enhance his physical attractiveness and quality of life, the pair decided to give their new adventure partner a wash and trim his hair. They are aware that Oatmilk Latte needs some time to get used to his new surroundings, but they have faith that with plenty of affection, he will find happiness.

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He need veterinarian care to restore his health, but with a lot of commitment and regular exercise, he may bounce back quickly. They had no clue what they were getting into when they saved him, but today the pair finds it impossible to fathom life without Oatmilk Latte.

Although his new owners will do all in their power to make the dog entirely happy once more, the dog is still in grief.

TikTok/ repulsivelyflamboyant