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This Is The Most Rare Unusual Magical White Owl Red Eyes That You Have Ever Seen 

To be honest, I saw nothing extraordinary — just the same things that everyone else with normal, non-ghostly eyes saw. This owl is more of a lesson in albinism than a study in scarlet, making it one of nature’s most amazing genetic doodles. A true albino, this owl was born with very little or no melanin, the pigment that gives us the color we see, skin, and hair. Also, he’s a total babe!

Credit: thisamazingworldd

Because we can see right through the iris to the blood vessels within this albino owl’s eyes, his lack of color makes them look brilliant red.

Credit: thisamazingworldd

Isn’t he stunning?

Credit: thisamazingworldd

Still, don’t believe he’s real? Watch this!