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This Bus Driver Notices 2 Lost Dogs On The Roadside, Helps Them Make It Home

One family from Milwaukee just experienced a holiday miracle all thanks to a caring bus driver who decided to help out two unattended dogs. On December 18th the family had lost their two dogs after the pair of four-legged buddies somehow escaped the yard and wandered off. The family spent the whole night desperately looking for them, however, the puppies were nowhere to be found.

On the same day, around midnight, the bus driver named Jamie Grabowski was finishing her route and driving back to the Milwaukee County Transit System garage when she noticed two dogs running around on the street.

As the temperatures plummeted to 20 degrees, Grabowski knew she couldn’t leave the shivering and confused dogs alone. So, she invited the pair of adventurous canines to the bus.

“Hey, you two. You need to go home right now. C’mon, c’mon inside,” she says in the surveillance video shared by the MCTS.

The dogs seemed friendly enough and jumped on the bus while wagging their tails. The thoughtful woman called authorities who sent a police officer to help the dogs out. “I got them on the bus because I thought they were going to get hit,” she’s heard telling a dispatcher.

Both dogs were then taken to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission where they were eventually reunited with their worried owners.

MCTS organized a press conference where Grabowski got the chance to see the pups again and meet their family.