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Perfect Pup Spotted Taking His Dad’s Hand To Safely Cross The Street

It’s one of the first lessons kids learn: You have to be careful when crossing the street.

And one very good pup — seen standing by a busy road in Kathmandu, Nepal — has also taken that lesson to heart.

This dog happened to be spotted by Natalie Compton, an American journalist who traveled to Nepal to hike up to Everest Base Camp.

“I had a few days in Kathmandu before the hiking started,” Compton told The Dodo. “I had found a local gym to keep up my training for the trek, and was sitting outside of the gym building resting after my workout. The streets of Kathmandu are mesmerizing to watch.”

When Compton saw the adorable dog just standing by the side of the road with his person, she had already started to take a video.

“I’d seen a million cute dogs since I’d gotten to town, some wearing sweaters, most very friendly and curious,” Compton said. “I started taking a video of the dog just because that’s just something I do as a good dog-loving millennial.”

Then she saw something that totally amazed her.

“Suddenly his owner summoned his paw,” Compton said.

The pair proceeded to walk hand-in-paw safely across the busy street. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when they walked across the street like that,” she said.

This safely-crossing pup is just one of many very beloved dogs in Nepal. Each year, the country celebrates a festival called Kukur Tihar, which is dedicated to thanking canine companions for their loyalty and friendship. During this celebration, dogs are given beautiful floral garlands and crowns to wear.

Even though Compton has traveled far and wide across the world, seeing all kinds of amazing phenomena, she posted the video on Twitter, commenting, “The most surprising 15 seconds of my life by far.”

“Love that you started recording when it was just a regular dog,” a friend observed. “Like, just seeing a dog was already enough.”