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Meet The Most Gorgeous Family Of Bunnies Sleeping Peacefully Between The Dirt And Burlap

Meet the most beautiful and gorgeous family of bunnies! They were sleeping peacefully between the dirt and burlap in a shallow burrow.

Zak saw them and got surprised.

“The sack plant was originally tucked underneath an outdoor table and was moved to an open spot near the entrance,” Zak, who asked that his last name not be included, told The Dodo. “My sister was the first employee to see them when a customer said to her, ‘You know there are bunnies in there, right?’”

After that Gethsemane Garden Center did something really cool.

They put the plant back in its original spot so the mama rabbit would have an easier time finding her babies, and made a sign that read: “Do not touch the basket below! Baby bunnies inside!”

Now Zak says that they are all doing well and some employees love the fact that there is a family of bunnies.

While the mama rabbit didn’t choose an ideal spot to raise her babies, the little family is growing up strong and has plenty to eat.

They are all so cute!