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After Being Found Alone, The Sweet Kitty Hugs His New Mother And Does Not Separate

After being found alone, the sweet kitty embraces his new mother and does not separate. A mother cat and her kittens were taken to the Nashville Cat Rescue shelter in Tennessee, and they were placed in a foster home with the goal of providing her a better life. The litter of five was doing well, and two rescued small ones in need of care soon arrived at the house; the kitty took them in and became a wonderful foster mother.

Mia, a two-year-old cat, and her pups were doing well, so she didn’t hesitate to welcome the newcomers and care for them as if they were her own. Mia was able to care for her huge family with the support of her foster family.


Mia became lonely when the children left the house and remained silent for the majority of the day. The employees at the rescue center couldn’t stomach seeing the cat alone and lonely, so they devised a plan to help her cope.


The volunteers knew precisely what to do when a small orphaned cat called Speck arrived at the shelter. The red-haired cat had beautiful eyes, was very sociable, and didn’t like being left alone.

Little Speck didn’t stop weeping on the trip to the foster home where Mia was waiting for him.


The cat was content with its adoptive mother, so she let go of her side, and Mia’s mood improved noticeably as a result of her new baby’s presence. They looked meant to be together since their connection was fast.

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“As soon as he stepped out of the crate and saw Mama Mia, he began purring. Mia’s spirits have been high since since the two instantly fell in love. We couldn’t keep such a lovely pair apart.


Mia is a kind and caring mother who looks after young Speck, and the kitten couldn’t be happier to be pampered by his new mother; they both have a peaceful and loving demeanor.

Nashville Cat Rescue adds the following:

Mom can remain silent and cautious until she is certain she is secure. Speck adores everyone, but he really enjoys being held. They’re a lovely little duo when they’re together.