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Baby Manatee Scratching His Face Is The Cutest Thing You Have Ever Seen

Catherine Puzino was diving down the Crystal River in Florida the other day when she came across a lovely scene. A tiny manatee, approximately a year old, floated blissfully along in the warm, clear water.

But, just when things couldn’t be any prettier, the fat gray baby had a minor itch.


Fun 2 Dive, a company that specializes in manatee snorkeling experiences, employs Puzino as a water guide. She noticed the youngster who had an itch to scratch while leading a tour.

Puzino was careful not to come too near to her, despite his interest. She was still smitten, especially when he started scratching his fat face.

Puzino told The Dodo, “When I came across this cuteness, I fell in love.” “Through the snorkel, you can literally hear me say, ‘Oh my God.’”

Here’s a video of that moment:

Bree Lajoie, a fellow water guide, told The Dodo, “Baby manatees do crazy stuff like this very frequently.” “They’re true gentle giants,” says the narrator. “We call them sea puppies.”

Manatees of all ages appreciate a nice scratch, according to Lajoie. To get the work done, they frequently rub up against boats and docks.

This little fellow was using his flippers, which, thankfully, have nails on them.


As tempting as it may have been to help the baby with the itch, it is illegal to intentionally touch manatees.

The mere sight of him scratching, on the other hand, was enough to make my day.

Fun 2 Dive wrote, “We enjoy it when manatees have itchy faces.” “This is the nicest thing you’ll see all day!” exclaims the narrator.