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This Dog Is Frozen In Fear After Being Abandoned At A Shelter

To illustrate what irresponsible pet ownership looks like, a picture of a terrified dog being abandoned at a shelter by its owner has been extensively posted on social media. A dog that gave up in a corner after being turned over to an animal control agency was captured in a moving photo by Tammy Graves, the founder of The Haley Graves Foundation in North Carolina, USA. The canine was clearly overwhelmed and afraid.

Says Tammy

“This is what happens when owners abandon their dog at a shelter. This boy got into the car believing he was going to the park or, if it was a bad day, to the vet yesterday morning after waking up content on a sofa or in a warm bed and waiting to be fed.

Instead, he went to a location where 275 barking dogs were being let go, where the air smelled like death, and where doors were constantly slamming shut. The animals move on and do not return. Furthermore, he is unaware of his future. He just is aware that he did not request to be present. He didn’t even ask the careless owners their names.

The dog had been looking at the wall since it was so terrified to go and had no idea where it was going in that location.

This dog, now known as “June” since she is a female, got lucky and was rescued.