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Meet Bruce, The Adorable Golden Retriever Who Has The Most Beautiful Collection Of Sticks

This is Bruce, a cute golden retriever that loves to collect sticks. And he is so proud of his own collection.

Bruce’s human companion Leo Icenhour, has told their cute story. He has explained that how this stick collection started.

Bruce’s collection started after one winter storm when his favorite stick was buried under a pile of snow.

“He started his stick collection after a massive snow came into our area and left about 12 inches of snow on the ground,” explained Icenhour. “At the time, he only had one stick and it was his absolute favorite. Well, it started snowing one evening and he left the stick out in our field. Over the next couple of days, he was in an absolute frenzy every time we went outside, relentlessly searching for his stick. He would dig like a madman and even bury his head in the snow trying to find it!”

Dog has now 50 sticks in his collection. He is not allowed to play with them. Bruce started collecting after losing his favorite stick after heavy snowfall.