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After Losing His Wedding Ring On The Island, The Man Is Surprised To Learn Who Wears It

After noticing the piece of jewelry around the neck of a fish, a snorkeler was able to locate a groom’s missing $1,000 wedding ring.

Suzie Quintal and her Gold Coast-based husband Nathan Reeves were visiting Norfolk Island, some 1,600 kilometers north-east of Sydney, to meet family during the holidays.

However, when swimming in Emily Bay, Ms Reeves realized his ring had come off.

All hope seemed to be gone until local boater Susan Prior found the missing ring stuck around the body of a mullet fish earlier this week.

She says she’d heard a couple had lost their wedding ring earlier this year and was able to find them down on a community Facebook group amazingly.

She said she’d seen other fish caught in plastic rings, but this one was particularly concerning.

The diver said, ‘The metal can only be removed by catching the fish in a net and carefully removing it.’


‘I usually advise him to remove it before he goes swimming.’ He had a nervous breakdown the day before our second wedding anniversary.’

She said that after trying to locate the ring on their own, residents on the island came together to offer assistance, some with metal detectors.

‘People are now looking for nets, and some have scuba gear.’ The glass bottom boat crew will have a look – Norfolk is known for its kindness.’

After hearing Ms Prior had found the ring five months later, she says she just’spun out.’

‘I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.’ On the island, I have a few friends who are sure that they will locate it.