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On An Empty Plane, A Flight Attendant Plays Hide-And-Seek With A Dog

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the airline industry, and flight attendant Jenn Yoo is facing an uncertain future. Yoo told The Dodo, “Everything is changing not by the day, but by the hour.” “I’m just grateful that I have a job for the time being.”

Yoo’s day is always brightened when a very special passenger boards the plane. “Seeing dogs on my flights brightens my entire day,” Yoo remarked.

Credit: JENN YOO

Yoo’s airline has changed policies to protect flight attendants and the passengers they care for now that social distancing is in force. Yoo appreciates the new safety guidelines, but she pines for the old companionship. “The nearly empty flights shatter my heart,” Yoo remarked. “People used to interact with one another, but now they just keep to themselves.”

She continued, “I genuinely miss pouring passengers a Diet Coke with ice!”

Yoo was overjoyed when she recently got to spend some quality time with a sweet puppy sitting in her very own seat, as she was unable to converse with fellow crew members or serve visitors.

“There were only six other people on board, so you can imagine how much of my time and attention I focused on this baby girl,” Yoo explained. “She would turn around and stare at me every time I walked up and down the aisle.”

Yoo had become engrossed in a game with the curious puppy before she recognized it. “At one point, she dipped her head below the seat and jumped back out, prompting me to do the same,” Yoo explained. “It wasn’t long before we were playing our own version of hide-and-seek.”

Yoo’s silver lining came in the form of the dog, who encouraged her to begin capturing her time in the air with other animal fliers. “I have more time with the dogs now that I don’t have any passengers to cater to,” Yoo explained.

And each pup she meets, whether on the ground or in the air, holds a particular place in her heart.