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Omg What a Reaction! Dog Gets Upset After Getting Unexpected New Haircut

Roxy is such a cute and interesting dog. Actually Roxy has such beautiful curly hair and everyone loves her.

“She is super sassy and fun-loving,” Eris Baker, Roxy’s owner, told The Dodo.

Recently, Roxy had a new haircut but she actually didn’t like it.

“I had some issues with her hair getting matted around her ears,” Baker said. So, on Roxy’s next visit to the groomer, Baker asked that they trim her ears, too.

Eris said that Roxy looked happy at first but when later she got upset.

“She seemed super excited when I picked her up [from the groomer],” Baker said. “But when I put her in the car, I think she caught a glimpse of what she looks like and got a little upset.”

After that moment Eris started recording the moment and she can’t stop laughing with Roxy’s reaction.

“She’s not speaking to me”, wrote Eris on Instagram.