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Dog Diagnosed With Just Six Months To Live Celebrates Her First Birthday

Erica Mahnken paid a visit to Lorraine Healy, the founder of the New Jersey-based dog rescue organization Husky House, a friend of hers. Mahnken had no intention of having her adopt a puppy, much less one who had just six months to live, but Honey, a two-month-old German Shepherd, absolutely won her her.

Erica stated to The Dodo:

“Look at her – she’s so little and so cute,” my buddy had said, and I had replied, “I really don’t want to go see her because I’m going to feel horrible for her.”

Honey, a 7-pound dog with a congenital heart abnormality that narrows her aortic valves, was living with her older sister Sasha until Erica finally decided to check her out.

Subaortic stenosis, according to Dr. Merrick Fultz, a veterinarian at the Blue Pearl Veterinary Clinic in Tampa, Florida, is like “putting your thumb over a garden hose,” he added, since the pressure builds up, harming the heart and ultimately killing the dog.

Erica and Michael established a list of things Honey must accomplish before she passes away because they couldn’t bear the thought of her not knowing the world.

stated Erica

She would have to spend the remainder of her little life in Husky House. However, I felt horrible, so I decided to simply take her home, construct a wish list for her, and allow her to engage in all of the puppy-friendly activities.

Honey headed to the playground.