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Pit Bull Puppy And Baby Grow Up Together – No Words Can Describe This Level Of Cuteness

A few months ago, the internet went wild over an 8-week-old pit bull puppy named Clyde and his newborn baby sister, Eisleigh. The two were easily the cutest and most adorable best friends in the world. Recently, Mom released a video chronicling the duo’s first year together. Needless to say, it will melt your heart.

From the time Eisleigh was born, Brandi decided to document her baby girl and baby puppy as they grow up. I am not sure if she expected her babies to become the Internet darlings they are now, but I am sure she doesn’t mind it. The pair developed a beautiful friendship, and it’s clearly illustrated in Brandi’s photos and videos.

In the video below, follow along as Brandi takes you through their first year together as a family. You can see the two napping together in adorable fashion, and then you can see them play outside. I can’t help but smile whenever I see the two!

By the end of the video, Clyde has grown in to a much bigger pit bull and rightful older brother who will always act as Eisleigh’s guardian angel. She’s so blessed to grow up alongside such a caring canine.

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