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A Bull Leaves Almost 1,000 Homes Without Electricity For Trying To Scratch Its Butt With A Pole

Several towns’ residents were astonished to hear the source of their power outages: a large bull had been scuffing its butt against a lamp pole and caused a minor mishap. The bull’s owners and the electrical provider SP Energy Networks both announced the news.

Ron the comical bull is reportedly known to occasionally scratching himself with a pole he finds along the route. Hazel and Gray Laughton, his owners, had already seen him but didn’t anticipate any problems.

One night, though, they were unable to see him and discovered that the entire region’s power supply was down. The next day, when they went to check out what was happening with the electricians, Ron’s expression of remorse was obvious.

“We were standing and watching what had occurred. Ron approached the barrier while feeling confused and ashamed. It appeared as though he was fully aware of what had occurred, Hazel said.

Everything became evident as soon as they started talking to the personnel of the energy company. Ron seems to have scraped a bit more forcefully than usual, causing an 11 000 volt transformer to tumble to the ground. Knowing that he did not harm him is truly miraculous; an ordinary ache has never been so risky.

“Ron feels grateful for his life. He avoided the threat of a headshot and a lot of volts. We’re thinking about renaming him Sparky,” Hazel jokingly said.

This unanticipated event resulted in the loss of energy for three municipalities and around 800 houses. They started working to restore the service right away, but they were unsuccessful until morning.

Hazel made the decision to approach the situation lightheartedly and posted a Facebook apology explaining what had transpired.

“Our bull Ron would like to apologize for the power disruption to everyone in Chapelton and Strathaven. The transformer box was pushed down when he was scratching his bum, according to the post.