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Villagers Are Bringing Frozen Storks Home To Warm Them Up In This Cold Winter And Feed Them

The storks in Bulgaria have been suffering because of the extreme weather since their wings have frozen, making it hard for them to fly or find refuge. But fortunately, several locals made the decision to assist these plighting birds.

Safet Halil made the decision to help these birds. He stated:

The day before yesterday, I discovered five frozen storks along the village road. I brought them inside, started the stove, and gave them fish to keep them warm.

After Safet spoke about her concern for these birds on social media, other individuals in Bulgaria started bringing storks into their homes as well. The storks’ lives were undoubtedly spared by these modest gestures of goodwill.

In a Facebook video, a guy carefully scrapes ice from a stork’s wings as the bird warms itself in front of a heater.

More storks are nestled on a neighboring couch, and there are also additional storks on the blanket. The storks are in the same room with the man’s family, which also includes a young child.

According to accounts, people have kept more than 40 birds in their houses, garages, and barns.

The storks, used to the springtime weather in Bulgaria at this time of year, have had a particularly tough time, according to Hristina Klisurova, a spokeswoman for the Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center.

She claimed that they had never before noticed so many storks in peril in Bulgaria. She did, however, publicly appeal on Bulgarian television for people to only take those in need, injured, or with frozen wings, and to quickly release rescued birds back into the wild.