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Without His Owner’s Knowledge, He Provides His Neighbor What He Loves The Most Every Time He Walks By His House

Nothing excites a gorgeous dog more than sharing with her neighbor, another furry friend who became her constant companion in the most unexpected and compassionate way conceivable. And is that Lady’s favorite thing in the world is to play with other dogs; she has no bounds when it comes to having a good time.

CREDIT: Ladyandtheblues

She and her family moved to a new neighborhood over a year ago, and it didn’t take long for her to notice that the house next door had other pups.

The dog was so eager to meet her new neighbor, Nikko, that she wanted to show her all of her enthusiasm and tell her how delighted she was to have her around from the moment she spotted her.

CREDIT: Ladyandtheblues

Lady and Nikko had a strong friendship from the time they met. Nikko, her ever-active and lively new companion, began giving her a modest present to express his gratitude. Lady’s mother, Erika Ekman, had this to say about it:

“After greeting each other numerous times via the fence, she (the neighbor’s dog) brought him a ball for the first time. Toys aren’t usually available in the front yard.

If he had a ball in the yard the first time he saw Lady, I believe he would have brought him one.

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]When Nikko and her brother, Mac, are playing in the yard and Lady comes by on her daily stroll, Nikko will find a way to bring her a ball and play with it for a bit.

Both have formed a true partnership: one tosses the ball, and the other returns it with the aid of his father in the hopes of spending some time together playing.

“If Lady could, she’d have it.” We grab it from Lady and return it to her; otherwise, they’ll run out of balls! ” Erika added her two cents.

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This wonderful collaboration has become a habit for both Lady and Nikko; they are both content to play in their own manner; all it takes is one of them noticing their buddy going by the front of the house or playing in the front yard to run excitedly to welcome them. In this context, Ekman made the following points:

“Every day, she pulls us into her house and climbs the fence to see whether any of them are outside.”

CREDIT: Ladyandtheblues

Despite the fact that the majority of their interactions are through the fence, thanks to their friendship, the families of both dogs have been able to get to know one another and have planned a couple of dates so that their beloved furry can enjoy the fresh air, play with the ball, and run as much as they want.

CREDIT: Ladyandtheblues